In order to guarantee high quality and precision of the products, the company is equipped with professional testing center, ensuring that all products will be completely inspected according to various operation standards and the products of the company have high quality in the whole world.

  • Electronic Universal Testing Machine
    The bolt tensile testing, wedge loading, proof loading, shear testing\the nuts proof testing, cold heading testing;
  • The Rockwell Hardness Machine
    To be used for testing the rockwell harness, HB、HV can be transformed into.
  • Vickers Hardness Machine
    To be used for testing the vickers hardness.
  • X-RAY Thickness Tester
    The thickness of zinc plating and the chrome plating can be very well tested.
  • Metallography Microscope
    Using the Cai Mrtallography
    Microscopefrom Germany, the grain size can be assessed.Meanwhile, it also can test the decarburized layer\ metallographic structure and the metal streamline、folding during the processing of the fasteners; Retesting the material receiving examination、metallographic testing after heat-treatment.
  • Direct-reading Spectrometer
    Analysing the chemical composition of different materials
  • Universal Metroscope
    Measuring the major diameter and pitch diameter of the thread plug gauge, also the pitch diameter of the thread ring gauge from M14 up.
  • High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine
    Specific to Hi-lock bolt with MJ thread, to test the fatigue tension under room temperature aiming at increasing the fatigue lifetime.
  • Optical Image
    Measuring the external dimension, R angle under head, arc and so on.
  • Stereoscopic Microscope
    Examining the appearance quality under enlargement of 10 , 20 , 40 .
  • Image Processing Microscope
    Measuring the external dimension, R angle under head, arc and so on, also can be used to measure the angle of the thread.
  • Hydrogen Oxygen Analyzer
    Final testing of the Hydrogen content after processing completion.
  • Fastener Comprehensive Performance Tester
    For self-locking nut and anchor nut. Testing the lock performance and record the twisting force value during twist-in and twist-out which accords to the testing requirement. And with the testing requirement of hi-lock nut, appling axial force and the lock force、wring force、pretension force and loose force can be tested one time during testing.
  • Laser Printer
    Making marks on different materials like aluminium alloy\titanium alloy\steel after lathe bar.